Moravian Star


During the 18th century, the members of the Moravian church had to flee from their home region in Moravia and Bohemia. They re-settled in the German region Upper Lusitia and founded the village of Herrnhut, which served as a home base for their world wide missionary activities. Separated from their parents, the children attended a local residential school. This school is where the Moravian Christmas stars made their first appearance. The stars served two purposes: To help the children understand geometrical figures and to keep them busy during the time of Christmas, when they often missed their parents most.

The Herrnhut-children kept the tradition of Moravian advent star making alive after their school days and brought them in their own families. In 1925, one member oft he community protected the original Herrnhuter stars with a patent. From there on, the production started and the Moravian advent stars were also sold outside of the region, becoming the beloved German tradition it is today.