Glass-Blown Ornaments


Located in the Bavarian town of Neustadt, near Coburg, INGE-GLAS ® MANUFAKTUR has been creating beautiful heirlooms since the 1850s. With experience and great care, every single glass ornament is mouth-blown and hand-painted in their in-house factory. Only the finest materials, from crystal clear glass to real sterling silver are used to create handmade glass ornaments of the highest quality and of lasting value. The five-point star crown on the top of each ornament signifies an authentic Inge-Glas® product. Only after each ornament has passed a final quality check will it be given the protected trademark, the Sternkrönchen®.  This is the guarantee for hand-blown and hand-painted craftsmanship from Germany. Glas-Blown Ornaments make great Christmas gifts and long lasting presents.

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