About Inge-Glas® Ornaments

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Where traditional craftsmanship meets modern design

In addition to wood-carved products, our passion for fine German craftsmanship led us to another deep-rooted tradtion: Glass-blown ornaments.

In the Bavarian town of Neustadt, near Coburg, INGE-GLAS® MANUFAKTUR Inge-Glas® has been creating custom glass Christmas ornaments since the 1850s. Inge's Christmas Heirloom glass ornaments are the result of generations of glass blowing expertise and a cache of over 6,000 antique and new molds. These mouth-blown and hand painted ornaments represent the skill, heart and effort of over 250 craftsmen employed by Inge-Glas®. Inge ornaments are easily recognizable by their trademark Star Crown.

With experience and great care, every single glass ornament is mouth-blown and hand-painted in the in-house factory, using only the finest materials. Sterling Silver: Each ornament is filled with a pure silver solution, which is then reflected on the inside of the glass. Hand-painted: Up to 30 operations are required to give an ornament its finished appearance. The smallest details, such as eyes, pupils and eyebrows, are carefully painted by skilled painters with a very steady hand . The individual ornament is worked on by the same painter from the first to the last painting process; giving each its unique personal character.

Each ornament is subjected to a final quality check. Only when this has been passed will it be given the protected trademark, the Sternkrönchen®. This is the guarantee for hand-blown and hand-painted craftsmanship from Germany. They are sure to be heirlooms you will treasure for many generations! 

The five-point star crown on the top of each ornament signifies an authentic INGE-GLAS® product.

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